Welcome to the Party!

Laura & Allyson are building community through virtual and in-person crafting

About Us

Founded by Laura McDougal and Allyson Dykhuizen in 2021, this space is designed to help you easily connect to other crafters in Laura and Allyson's classes but outside of a specific class setting. 

Why You Should Join

It's all in the name - it's a party! We host exclusive virtual knit nights and themed knit alongs like winter Yoke Along, summer Vest Fest, and more.

You'll also be the first to know about upcoming classes and events from Laura and Allyson with first dibs on spots at our retreats.

Connect with other students out of the classroom in exclusive class forums and chats. Share progress pics and FOs of your class projects and keep up with your fellow students even after your class is over.

We <3 Our Crew!

We're so grateful for the supportive community we've helped grow over the past few years. We can wait to connect you to all our Party People in our network!